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Topo Jojo the Touchless Mouse

Compact, ergonomic design

  • You canít contaminate it
    if you donít touch it

  • Just move your finger in the
    sensor grid to control the
    PCís cursor

Easily installed riser frame included

Convenient wall mount (optional)

  Topo Jojo The Touchless Mouse operates with any Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 system.

Even specialized mice designed for medical applications are not immune from contamination unless rigorous, expensive sanitization schedules are scrupulously followed. The Touchless Mouse uses touchless sensor technology, eliminating sanitization requirements completely.

Designed and built in the US on a rugged stainless steel chassis, The Touchless Mouse uses state-of-the-art technology to project an invisible sensor grid that detects the smallest movement of your finger or any cylindrical object like a pencil or pen. Sophisticated firmware built into the unitís microprocessor translates motion into cursor control on the computer screen.

Each one is equipped with a 6-foot long USB cable. A convenient wall mount is also available. No batteries are required, The Touchless Mouse is powered through the USB connection.

Click to download Topo Jojo Datasheet

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